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The famous view of Rio de Janeiro As one of the largest, most diverse counties in the world, Brazil positively radiates beauty. With its vast Amazon jungle, heavenly tropical beaches, dazzling cities, and carnivals, Brazil has something to offer for everyone. As a former colony of Portugal, the official language is Portuguese and the country is home to the world's second largest Christian population. The melting pot of friendly inhabitants personifies the unique Brazilian culture, making it a must-see place to visit.

Rio de Janeiro, the Marvelous City, is home to some of the world's most beautiful settings as well as the largest festival in the world: Carnaval. Carnaval is a 4-day celebration that attracts thousands of people from all corners of the world, who eat and drink and watch the Samba School parades. Rio de Janeiro is also home to the world-famous Copacabana beach and Ipanema beach, Sugar Loaf Mountain, and the statue of Christ the Redeemer in the Corcovado Mountain peak.

The luxurious Casas Brancas Pousada in Buzios near Rio de Janeiro With a beautiful coastline stretching more than seven thousand kilometers, Brazil harbors an array of beautiful beaches and natural wonders. Along with the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches in Rio de Janeiro, the country is home to Joaquina, which holds international surf championships, and Praia do Forte, which contains headquarters for a sea turtle preservation.

The lush Amazon jungle, located in the north of Brazil, thrives with biodiversity. The Amazon basin, a labyrinth of rivers and rainforest, cover about half of the country and house an estimated 60% of all life forms on the planet, many of which have yet to be discovered. Thousands of creatures, from anacondas to jaguars, call this vast tropical region home. The Pantanal is another region in Brazil that features some of the greatest wildlife viewing on the continent.

View of the Pantanal Wetlands from above From the awe-inspiring beaches and cities to the must-see Carnival celebration, Brazil is a country thriving with culture and beauty. Plan your Brazilian excursion today and experience the wonder for yourself.

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