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Although Colombia is in the limelight more for its violence, civil unrest, and drug trade, it has some of the most diverse natural wonders in South America. Colombia is also unique in that it borders both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It also encompasses a great expanse of land, being the fourth largest country in the region. You'll find the wild Amazon jungle in the south, the pristine Caribbean and Pacific beaches, the snow-topped peaks of the Andes, and the lush, unspoiled rainforests in the north near the Pacific.

In Colombia you'll also find the remains of the Spanish Conquistadors, who reigned in the 14th century. Go back in time at Cartagena, which was the main Spanish port for several hundred years. Situated on the coast of the Caribbean, the old city is filled with majestic buildings, ruined forts, and an intricate maze of narrow streets and squares. At night the beachfront comes alive with fiestas and salsa dancing, Colombia's most popular form of dance.

Discover one of the hidden gems of South America, the Choco region. There you'll find a paradise frozen in time with empty beaches, virgin rainforests, and the Indigenous Choco and Embera Indians. Some places not to miss are the coastal resorts of Nuqui, El Valle, and the Ensenada National Park. Also popular is the tiny Isla de Salomon, which is famous for its white-sand beaches, and the Tribuga village.

San Augustin is a perfect example of a typical pristine South American mountain town. It is situated in the foothills, its popularity due to its reputation for the natural beauty of the countryside. There are also waterfalls close by and you'll find many locals on horseback and mountain trekking.

The Parque Nacional Tayrona is another place you won't want to miss when traveling in Colombia. The Tayrona protects a stretch of Caribbean coast. The sandy beaches and lush rainforest make it a serene resting place for the weary traveler. Aside from the natural beauty, there is also the option of making a five-day trek to the ruins of Ciudad Perdid, (Lost City), which dates back to 500 AD. The ancient city is located on the spectacular northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria, which reach 1100m in height.

Another unique spot is Arboletes and El Totuma, two mud volcanoes on the Caribbean coast. The craters are filled with thick mud, which have beneficial healing properties and are excellent for the skin. These natural mud lakes are popular for soaking in, because of its rejuvenating effects.

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