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The lakes and mountains of the Torres del Paine National Park Torres del Paine is one of the most popular natural highlights of Chile and the most visited park in South America. Hikers, climbers, and nature lovers can enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery on the continent and experience the pristine natural wonder of one of the world's most important biosphere reserves.

One of the many highlights of the mountain range is the Paine massif, which is a sight to behold, as it rises up from the pampas and reflects off ancient lakes. Popular treks also include Glacier Grey, the Cuernos Massif, and the Southern Icefields where you'll witness breathtaking snow-capped mountain peaks, cascading rivers and waterfalls, glaciers, and blue-green lakes, all extending over one million hectares of land.

The most popular highlight of Torres del Paine, the Paine Towers The remote location of Torres del Paine also makes this a unique place to visit. It is one of the few places you can witness plants and animals in their natural habitat. Most people opt to explore the park on foot, but you can also rent horses or ride in a four-wheel drive vehicle. Whichever way you decide to journey through this amazing place, the magnitude of these ancient mountains will leave you with awe-inspiring memories of this virgin wilderness.

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