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Thousands are drawn to South America every year, and its no surprise since it has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, with its gigantic waterfalls of Iguazu, the intricate ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest, the expansive stretches of virgin beaches, the glaciers and pristine lakes, and the longest mountain range on the planet: the majestic Andes. Much of this continent is still untouched by development, making it possible to go off the beaten track and be immersed in unspoiled landscape.

The culture is also very diverse, with some people still living in the same tradition as their indigenous ancestors, while others from Africa, Asia, and Europe, have brought their own way of life and have added to the many layers of culture. As a result of this dynamic population influx, each country has its own distinct flavor and traditions.

If you like the outdoors, there are many different types of adventures you could have. Natural wonders abound in South America, making it a perfect place for skiing, whitewater rafting, rock-climbing, trekking, surfing, and snorkeling. Whether you opt to explore the rugged Andes or relax in a hammock on the beautiful Caribbean, it will be an experience you will never forget.

This website serves as a guide as you plan your perfect vacation to South America. In the Travel Info section you will find a useful list of practical information, such as the climate, the best natural wonders, and transportation to the countries and within them. The Travel Facts section also contains important information regarding visa requirements, international phone codes, and a list of the most important festivals. Safety is also another important issue to consider. This section goes over the possible risks of altitude sickness, contaminated water, and vaccination considerations.

With all of the many possibilities for your vacation it can be a daunting task trying to decide which trip is right for you. The Planning a Trip section is a practical guide that can help you decide what type of trip you want to take, such as a themed trip, group travel, or a tourism vacation. The highlights section also lists the best excursions, cities, villages, and the best places for wildlife spotting. The Regions page is also helpful in getting familiar with the major nature areas of South America.

Not only does South America have some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, but it also has a rich and diverse culture that is worth getting to know. The People and Culture section is an introduction to language, cuisine, art, and music that is found in certain parts of the continent. This section is great way to familiarize yourself with the best that South America has to offer.

The Countries page contains more specific details on what to expect from a particular country, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. This page can also help narrow down your choices on where you want to go for your perfect vacation.

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