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A beautiful day enjoyed by Ipanema beach goers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The beaches of Brazil have become something of legends, attracting such fashion icons as Bridgitte Bardot and turning the Brazilian bikini into a household name. Brazilians regard their beach culture with as much vibrancy and excitement as Carnaval. From Rio to Fortaleza you'll find sweeping stretches of white sand beaches, beautiful tanned bodies, and crystal blue waters; a perfect place for a dream vacation. Join the other sunbathers as you sip on coconut milk (the most popular drink) under a palm tree or join in on a game of beach volleyball. Whichever beach you choose to visit on the 7,000 miles of Brazilian coastline, you'll find yourself in a tropical paradise.

Rio de Janeiro and Nearby Beaches
The real heart of Rio lies in the vibrant beach culture of Copacabana, the oldest and most popular beach in Brazil. Here you can enjoy long stretches of white sand, joggers, people riding bicycles, and playing volleyball, even at night due to the mild, pleasant weather. Ipanema and Leblon are also popular spots but are more laid back than Copacabana. Still, you'll find it full of lively, colorful people enjoying the many beach side amenities, including massage tables, volleyball courts, and food and drink stands. Further east is the Costa do Sol, the area where Brigitte Bardot stumbled upon the paradise resort town of Buzios. Commonly referred to as "Brazil's St. Tropez," the beaches of Buzios are exquisite, with white-sand beaches nestled between rocky cliffs and clear blue waters.

Salvador and Nearby Beaches
Equally beautiful in its natural setting of rolling hills and broad, white sand coastline, Salvador beaches stretch out along the Bay of Todos dos Santos, inspiring locals, vacationers, and artists from around the world. Similar to Rio, the beaches are illuminated at night to accommodate the nightclubs and restaurants, and tempting food kiosks can be found everywhere on the beach. Nearby are the famous beaches at Morro de Sao Paulo, which is located about 75 km west of Salvador on the island of Tinhare. The beach is a favorite because of its laid back atmosphere and largely undeveloped landscape, which attracts surfers, divers, and hippies who flock to the reggae bars, dives, and great seafood restaurants. Further north lays the colonial fishing town of Recife, which boasts the beachside district of Boa Viagem, the most popular spot in town.

Fernando de Noronha Beaches
Located about 350 km off the Brazilian coast, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha has become a popular ecotourism destination in recent years. Most of the island has been designated as a marine national park, which was created in order to maintain the natural wonders. The main island has many beaches where you can spot dolphins, whales, many species of exotic birds. There are also several companies that offer scuba diving trips and lessons. Close by is Fortaleza, a lively, sprawling city of 2 million, with several beaches that are great for sunset watching, beach parties, and people strolling on the seafront boulevard.

Whichever beach you find yourself on Brazil's expansive coast, each one has its own distinct flavor and charm. The ones mentioned here are the most well known but there are many other beaches that lie between that are remote and less populated, such as Angra dos Reis, which is just West of Rio, Natal outside of Recife, and many others. Brazil is an excellent spot for a tropical beachside vacation, especially with the pleasant mild weather and hundreds of beaches to explore.

A stroll on the beautiful sandy beaches of Brazil

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