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It would be impossible to explore all the vast expanse of South America in one trip. The continent is big, and Argentina and Brazil are huge. It is possible, however, to see some of the main highlights of the countries, even if you only have as little as 10 days to spend. There are daily flights between Brazil and Argentina, which are quite convenient and can be easily arranged by a travel agent.

Both countries are right next to each other, so combining both countries on one trip is convenient and would make it possible to get the most out your South American adventure.

Argentina and Brazil also offers the tourist a dynamic variety of experiences and activities. One place not to miss is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's famous city, which is nestled between jungle-covered mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy the vibrant beach culture of Copacabana, take a cable car ride to Sugar Loaf Mountain, or shake your derrière with one of the stunning locals to the intoxicating rhythm of the Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba.

The best way to combine the trip is via Igauzu Falls since it borders Argentina. It provides a great base to cross over into Brazil or Argentina and you'll also have a chance to explore this natural wonder, which is considered one of the most breath-taking spots in the world. It gushes from 275 falls that flow from an enormous 80 km high and 3km wide cliff. Explore one of the most powerful single waterfalls in the world at Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat) and trek through the lush rainforests of the Argentinean Parque Nacional Iguaza, the most extensive wilderness portion of the region.

From here you could arrange to travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina's most exciting city. Stroll down tree-lined avenues amidst the elegant Parisian architecture and take advantage of the vibrant nightlife and the many excellent venues featuring world-class musicians and artists. Buenos Aires is the pulse of Argentina and is considered one of the liveliest places in Latin America.

Below is a link to a sample Argentina - Brazil itinarary. There are many other ways to explore both Argentina and Brazil. Read more information on these countries or speak to a travel professional.
Sample Argentina - Brazil Trip Itinarary

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