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In its heyday the Incan Empire stretched from southern Colombia to Northern Chile and covered over 980,000km of land. There are now few remains that can be visited, but by combining a trip to Peru and Bolivia it is possible to see the most spectacular remnants. The ruins are situated among the rural highlands of the Andes, so you can explore the mountains and alpine forests on the same trip. If you are attracted more to mountain scenery and ancient ruins, this type of itinerary would be more appropriate than a combined trip to Argentina and Brazil.

Bolivia's unofficial capital, La Paz, is a great starting point for a trip to see the ancient civilizations and beautiful snow-capped mountains of the Andes and surrounding canyons. It is also has the highest altitude in the world, at a staggering 3,500m. It is recommended to rest for a few days and take it easy in order to acclimate to the high altitude.

Just north of La Paz lies the Cordillera Real, which offers some of the best trekking of the Andes. The staggering glacier peaks make a breathtaking barrier between the Altiplano and the Amazon lowlands. The range also includes the ancient Inca trails, which drop down into the subtropical valley of the Yungas. On the northwest part of the range you'll find the charming colonial town of Sorata, which makes for a relaxing base for mountain trekkers and travelers.

From there you can reach the Titicaca Lake region, which is a pristine, unspoiled paradise surrounded by the snow-capped Andes. Take a boat ride from Copacabana to the island in the middle of the lake, the Isla del Sol, where the Sun and Moon is believed to have been born and where the Inca Empire was created.

In close proximity to Bolivia's Lake Titicaca Region is Peru's city of Cusco, which is a beautiful city built amidst Incan ruins and is surrounded by spectacular the snow-capped Andean Peaks.

Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas, can be reached in a few days hike from Cusco or by train along the Incan trail. Along the way you'll see ancient ruins and beautiful mountains before you descend into a cloud forest and into the most revered of the Incan remnants, the ancient city of Machu Picchu.

Below is a link to a sample Inca trip itinarary. There are many ways to explore Bolivia and Peru. Read more information on the countries or speak to a travel professional.
Sample Peru and Bolivia Trip Itinarary

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